Dining at The Heritage of Clearlake

Eating well is essential to feeling your best, and a chef-prepared meal enjoyed among friends is something truly special. At The Heritage of Clearlake, we believe fresh, healthy, nutritious meals are your right, and we strive to provide magical meals and experiences that match those you might find at a favorite restaurant or fireside bistro, all while meeting your unique dietary needs.

Cooked Your Way

Just like at an elite five-star restaurant, every dish at The Heritage of Clearlake is cooked to your liking – all while meeting senior-centric nutritional needs and any doctor-prescribed dietary requirements. Meals at The Heritage of Clearlake are a unique experience. They are fresh, delicious, and gourmet, yet very healthy. Come dine with us, and taste something magical.

Eat Well at The Heritage of Clearlake

  • Meals Prepared Daily with Fresh Ingredients
  • A Variety of Choices
  • Nutritious & Flavorful Dishes
  • Rotating Menu of Favorites

We’ll save you a seat! Come break bread with us and find out what makes life here so special. Ask about joining us for a meal when you call to schedule your tour.

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